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Camelback Jig 016 STYLE: Flip-N-Swim -- COLOR: Pearl Baby Bass

Camelback Jig 016


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$ 5.29

STYLE: Flip-N-Swim -- COLOR: Pearl Baby Bass

Product Detail:

The Camelback Jigs have beed designed with a new, revolutionary and unique technology.

  • Designed with "Steady Track" Technology, this allows you to fast swim it without rolling during the retreive.
  • ULTRA Low Profile
  • Hand Tied Silicone Skirts
  • Super sharp 60 Deg. 4/0 Mustad Ulptra Point Hook
  • No Brush Guard or Wire Guard to Trim, Cut, Bend or Adjust.
  • Experience HAIR TRIGGER HOOKSETS...Every Time
  • Comes Pre-Rigged with an Extra 5 Weedguards
  • Fish in the Thick of Brush Without EVER Getting Hung Up.
  • The Only Jig on the Market with a virtually Invisible and Removable Weedguard.
  • Uses a 4/0 Slide-Off Weedguard

Flip It...Swim It....Skip It... Without EVER Getting Hung Up

Slide-Off Weedguard
Camelback Jigs
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